Once we receive the following information, we strive to complete your sketch and price estimate within 5 business days. This service is provided FREE of charge, and with no obligation.

Want to know when to expect your custom made costume? Consult our Team Dance/Pom/Cheer Team Costumes Turn-around Time Schedule.

Want to know when to expect your custom made concert / show choir / Sweet Adeline costume? Consult our Concert/Show Choir/Solo Costume Time Schedule.


Our Satin Stitches’ costuming is TRUE CUSTOM, not customized catalog styles. We create from your inspirational visions and thoughts about the mood, the silhouette, the type of performance, the types and colors of fabrics and trims, and your image.

Please share all of your thoughts with us in a separate email, in addition to the basics that we are asking for, on this form. We want to get a total picture of your desires before we create your exclusive, custom sketch for you. Then you can request changes to your sketch, to get it perfect!

We create only for you… and your team only. You will never see your Satin Stitches custom-designed performance costume on others, at your competitions. Winning teams wear Satin Stitches, and they have been doing so for 40 years.

We strive for creating the most stylish and flattering costumes for EVERYONE within your group. Our mission is for your smallest and largest members to look properly proportioned and flattered, for a cohesive look for your team.

Visit our Ordering Info webpage for more information and specifically, 'How Does This All Work? - Team'.


Customizable Dance Team Costumes now available at Satin Stitches