Wear-and-tear on your dance team uniforms is likely to happen during your performance season. Whether you bought your team costumes/uniforms from Satin Stitches or not, our costume specialists provide services to ensure that costumes are kept fresh and looking as new as possible. When it comes to team costume/uniform care, we are professional.

Dance Costume Renovation from the Costume Specialists at Satin Stitches

Our dance costume repair services are billed by the hour plus materials costs. We will provide an estimate before we work on any refurbishing project. Let us refurbish your performance costumes and have them looking great in no time.

Services include:

  • Team Costume/Uniform Alterations & Repairs
  • Team Costume/Uniform Re-Design (Transformations)
  • Rhinestones Embellishments
  • Costume/Uniform Care & Cleaning